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Rediscovered: “Say It Simple”

  And today Michael S. Chong returns, with the third entry in his series of “lost” Willeford bits scattered through the newspapers of North America — this time an item about Willeford’s interest in playing around with big, fancy words … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: “Reasons Why Writers Write” — Encore Variants

I just did the Palm Sunday Walk in memoriam Charles Willeford — mostly locals showed up, but we did have a couple haul in all the way from Massachusetts — so how about we continue the memorial action with a … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: “Just Ask Luis Rodriquez”

So, to follow-up on the idea of doing In Memoriam: Willeford, how about we premiere a new Guest Blogger with a new series? The blogger: Michael S. Chong, Willeford fan (who ain’t on the mean streets?). The series: articles with some Willefordian presence he’s … Continue reading

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