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Hammett: Some Media Some More

Just got a note from Evan Lewis tipping me off to a BBC production of Secret Agent X-9 — originally a newspaper comic strip written by Hammett and drawn by Alex (Flash Gordon) Raymond. A little neo-Old Time Radio, for … Continue reading

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Hammett: Two New Collections On the Way

Our peripatetic Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck roams the mean streets looking for news, when he’s not laired up pulling pure Hammett texts out of moldering pulp magazines. Here’s Terry: Last month I was in St. Louis for Bouchercon — the … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Fat Man

To kick off a new month, how about a touch of Hammett off the air waves? You’ve got an ad for one of his radio shows, The Fat Man, above, courtesy John D. Squires. And if you’ve got some time … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: Jackie Cooper

I noticed that on May 3 Jackie Cooper passed on — thanks to the Hammett tour and dumb luck, I got to meet him one time. The year was 1982. I was back on the Jim Eason program on KGO radio — … Continue reading

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News: October 2009

TWO TOURS IN OCTOBER For anyone who missed the full month of Hammett walks in September, you’ve got a couple of chances to make it good this month. Two dames flying in from Switzerland asked for one and a book … Continue reading

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News: September 2009

EVERY SUNDAY IN SEPTEMBER Like it says on the Tour Page, you’ve got a Hammett tour every Sunday this month. Just show up, clutching the equivalent of a tenspot. Put some air in your gumshoes. Walk the walk. SEAN McCOURT … Continue reading

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News: July 2009

NO EXTRA TOURS Don is leading some groups by appointment up and over the mean streets in July and August, but nothing has been set up where anyone can just show up with a tenspot and walk the walk — … Continue reading

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News: June 2009

NO EXTRA TOURS Nothing extra kicking along the mean streets for June, but the desperate always can use an edition of the Dashiell Hammett Tour book for a self-guided prowl over the gumshoe-haunted Frisco hills. And any tours open for … Continue reading

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