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Rediscovered: EQMM Today

  Usually on this blog any chatter about Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine harks back to the days of yesteryear, when the two cousins who wrote as “Ellery Queen” ran the show, and one of the two — the redoubtable Frederic Dannay … Continue reading

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Tour: More Writers Who Have Walked the Walk

Remember the “guy from Australia” who asked for the tour on June 17? Turns out he was none other than Christopher Sequeria, big into Sherlock Holmes, with sidelines in horror, comic book scripting, etc & etc. When I found that … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Op’s Brainwork Recognised

From Scotland, Steven Meikle lets us know that the Op made the cut in a roster of deductive sleuths, inspired by the new Sherlock Holmes film from Guy Ritchie — second on the list, from The Observer. Yeah, he was … Continue reading

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Hammett: Milady

If you know me, you know that I enjoy solid pieces of litcrit. Sure, a “Just the facts, ma’am” kind of article like the typical pulp fan dotes on is perfectly okay — issue, date, who painted the cover art, … Continue reading

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