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Hammett: “Slippery Fingers”

Guess who’s back with another installment of Zobeck: Series Two? You got it. And here’s Terry Zobeck:   The other day, Don sent me a link to a piece by Francis M. Nevins on the Mystery File blog that mentions … Continue reading

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Hammett: “Crooked Souls”

Terry Zobeck is back with another entry in Zobeck: Series Two, in which he details the differences in Hammett texts from those used in the Ellery Queen editions assembled by Frederic Dannay vs. the original magazine wording — the extensive set … Continue reading

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Hammett: “Who Killed Bob Teal?”

Step-by-step, story-by-story, Terry Zobeck is chipping away at the editing done to Hammett’s short stories by Frederic Dannay over fifty years ago, and this round returns with another tale of the Continental Op. Most Op tales take place in San … Continue reading

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