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Hammett: Couffignal

Like a bloodhound with his nose ever to the hardboiled pavement, a few days ago Brian Leno let me know that Library of America put up another Continental Op yarn by Hammett as the feature Story of the Week. I … Continue reading

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Hammett: “One Hour”

Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck returns with another look into the edits made by Fred Dannay, and this time finds that the blue pencil smote lightly back in 1944! Plus he discovers yet another “pure text” Hammett story available in a modern … Continue reading

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Death Lit: More on Parker

Terry Zobeck and I have been working behind the scenes to polish up some of his “pure texts” posts, in particular his first shot at it for “This King Business.” Looking it over again, Terry realized he’d left any changes … Continue reading

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Hammett: “Magician” Trackdown

Lately M. P. Shiel has been in the air around here — I’ve been easing my way through the first two of three volumes of the biography of Shiel from the pen of Harold Billings (on the side reading upcoming … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Redonda!

I’m confident it was my pal Steve Eng who brought M. P. Shiel fully to my attention some thirty years ago. Like anyone else interested in horror and fantastic literature, I’d have come across the name already, courtesy at least … Continue reading

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