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Hammett: And the Oscar Goes To

As I was moping around the web during Oscar season this year a bit of information attracted my attention. I’d no doubt seen the same stats when I looked over Oscar info the previous season, but no bells rang at that time. This … Continue reading

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Hammett: Valentine Again

Eighty-three years ago today Alfred A. Knopf officially released a novel by Dashiell Hammett titled The Maltese Falcon. As I noted last year, the sickest Valentine’s Day romance ever — but that makes it all the better, if you like … Continue reading

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Hammett: If They Don’t Hang You

Eighty-two years ago today, Alfred A. Knopf released the hardcover first edition of The Maltese Falcon —- as I sometimes say as an aside on the tour, the sickest Valentine’s Day offering ever. Yeah, there’s romance. Definitive murder-shadowed noir romance. Just a … Continue reading

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Hammett: Lost Stories, Found

After his first Guest Blogger spot, tracking down the pure text for Hammett’s Continental Op yarn “This King Business,” Terry Zobeck returns with another Adventure in Collecting. Here’s Terry: Ever since I read Richard Layman’s 1981 Hammett biography Shadow Man, and … Continue reading

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Noir: The Ha-Ra Readings

Just recently I came across a podcast of a reading I did awhile back, for the launch of the Peter Maravelis-edited anthology San Francisco Noir 2: The Classics on Valentine’s Day 2009. The Ha-Ra Bar was packed to the rafters to hear various … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: Lorre Noir

Valentine’s Day again — one of the birthdays of noir. In 1930 — 81 years ago today — Knopf released the first edition of The Maltese Falcon in hardcovers. As I maintain in the short essay “San Francisco Noir” (and to my … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: 100, and Counting

During the throes of repainting the old website in the closing months of 2010, knocking together the current blog format, I had to sit on the sidelines and watch news and anniversaries pass by. The one I most regret not being on … Continue reading

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News: April 2010

No extra walks this month anyone can just show up and do, but Don is leading a group by appointment on the side — however, hang on till May and you’ll find Hammett Tours every Sunday, just like it says … Continue reading

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News: March 2010

TOUR ON PALM SUNDAY Last month the Hammett tour hit the mean streets on Valentine’s Day, encountering a gang of balloons — this month Don is once again slipping on the gumshoes to guide a walk on Palm Sunday, March … Continue reading

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News: February 2010

EIGHTY YEARS ON THE MEAN STREETS! On Valentine’s Day in 1930 Alfred Knopf released Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon in its first edition. To celebrate this cornerstone of the hardboiled and noir making it to its eightieth anniversary, Don is offering … Continue reading

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