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Hammett: And More “Pickup”

Today Evan Lewis digs deeper into the newsprint archives of yesteryear. Recently he spotlighted an appearance of “Pickup” (a.k.a. “The Whosis Kid”) in a Philly paper. “This time,” Evan says, “we present stuff from the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph (July 1936), The Camden Courier-Post (Dec. 1938) … Continue reading

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Hammett: Pickup

Stuff Terry Zobeck covered in the halcyon days of yesteryear keeps circulating around. Remember his post about “lost” Hammett stories, including such rogue titles as “Pickup” in Saturday Home Magazine? And follow-up posts about Hammett tales getting reprinted in god-knows-how-many … Continue reading

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Posse McMillan: DMac vs. Zombies

While I think the actual life of Dennis McMillan is interesting enough, especially if you’ve got your noir or absurd on, I realised awhile back that a shadow life of Dennis in fiction was developing — don’t know for certain if it … Continue reading

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Hammett: Coining “The Continental Op”

Was it Cap Shaw? Was it some unheralded editorial assistant? Terry Zobeck plunged into his Black Mask collection to check on who first used the coinage “The Continental Op” to describe Hammett’s short fat Frisco sleuth. That’s with a capital … Continue reading

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Hammett: Before Dannay. . .

Our frequent Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck returns with a fresh discovery in his investigation into how Frederic Dannay edited Hammett’s short stories for paperback publication, decades ago. Hey, you jump into the pool, you can dive deeper — and deeper. Take it, … Continue reading

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Hammett: Lost Stories, Found

After his first Guest Blogger spot, tracking down the pure text for Hammett’s Continental Op yarn “This King Business,” Terry Zobeck returns with another Adventure in Collecting. Here’s Terry: Ever since I read Richard Layman’s 1981 Hammett biography Shadow Man, and … Continue reading

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