Tour: Almost/Accidental April Fooled

Time Out San Francisco just popped up an article on tours in this grey noir city, featuring the Hammett tour and several others. Check it out if you want to know the current walking around scene.

The first version stated that my tours are “offered most Sundays” — no, they’re not. Years and years ago I did the walks every Sunday in the year, for many years, but that was a longgggggg time ago.

Now I might hike the Sunday streets one or two Sundays a month, or no Sundays at all, depending on demand.

I shot in a correction, which I hope goes up pronto. But the fact remains, if you want to know the Real Authentic Honest Tour Schedule you come to this site and check out the Current Walks page. Anything else you read anywhere, from the New York Times onward, is not my schedule.

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