Tour: No Kindle No More

Lately I’ve been reading various books on Kindle, figuring I may as well keep kind of current — and I enjoy that science fiction vibe of doing a reread on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars exactly one hundred years after that first novel starring John Carter saw print in the pulps.

For some wayward reason I decided to punch myself as an author into the Kindle bookstore, check to see how low on the bestseller totem pole I might be. No results. I punched in The Dashiell Hammett Tour book, which I have on my Kindle. Nothing at all.

A what the hell moment for sure.

I asked Vince Emery about it, and he reminded me about some info he’d sent awhile back, which I ignored, because the technical stuff bores me to tears. But it seems there has been a dustup between Amazon and the distributor who handles Vince’s books, with the upshot that the Kindle editions have been dropped. Putting the pressure on the smaller presses.

So if you were thinking about ordering it up on your Kindle, forget about it. Nook and Apple ereaders can get it. Kindle, not for the moment, maybe never. Who knows?

If ebooks were real books, those of you who have downloaded the Kindle edition would have something collectable now — hey, maybe you do.

The Kindle edition, I guess we can say it is out of print. And the first edition from Vince, the first-ever hardback for the tour book, is going, too — of the reported 1080 copies, around 300 remain.

Going. Going. Soon enough, gone.


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