Tour: Sunday July 1

The next walk anyone can show up for, no reservations, no questions asked, will be Sunday July 1. The usual routine. Four hours. $10 per person. Start at noon near the revolving “L” sculpture.

The shot above may be of interest to people who’ve never taken the tour, never been in San Francisco — it looks west up Bush from the parapet above the Stockton tunnel and shows where Dashiell Hammett Street meets Bush. Just above Mike Humbert’s left shoulder (that’s Mike Humbert with left shoulder visible). The red banners on the Vintage Court hang on the far side of Dashiell Hammett Street (where this etched-in-concrete wording may be found). The street sign on the near side of Dashiell Hammett Street is obscured by the small round tree — here’s a shot from the other side, looking east down Bush.

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