Two-Gun Bob: An Untidy Mountain of Earth and Other Madnesses

Over on the Two-Gun Raconteur blog our good pal Brian Leno — henceforth to be known as Brian Leno, the Famous Masochist — just posted a review of the new Cthulhu Mythos novel by S.T. Joshi. Pretty much all of us in the overlapping Lovecraft/Robert E. Howard/August Derleth/Weird Tales/Mythos circles figured it would be a snoozefest, with Brian the only guy with an active and monumentally morbid enough curiosity to sit down and actually read it.

Poor Brian.

Hope I haven’t given away the ending of his review. . . .

I suppose my favorite of the various observations Brian makes is his juxtaposition of Joshi recently declaring that Robert E. Howard was “woefully slovenly on the level of prose” and yet writing in his Mythos novel: “An untidy mountain of earth stood before them.”

Somehow one suspects that a better word than “untidy” might have made the cut for any kind of final draft.

Woefully slovenly, indeed.

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