Two-Gun Bob: Barbing Up Jeopardy!

Barbarianing, that is.

Two-Gun Bob Howard of Cross Plains, Texas has been easing onto the Jeopardy! scene in recent years, in a category here, a category there. When he made the cut for Famous Bobs, you knew he was in — the clew crew understood his was a name to conjure with.

Yesterday — 11/27/20 — in the first round of play:

Category: Paperback Writer

The $400 clew:

“Crush your enemies & name this Robert E. Howard barbarian whose ‘Collected Adventures’ are collected in paperback”

Gabriel rang in. His claim to fame in the little interview section was that he had never seen any of the Star Wars franchise.

His question in response:

“Who is Conan?”


And it was quite satisfying to see REH once again make the cut — especially in what we know is the final run of Alex Trebek-hosted episodes, after his death on November 8. The stuff of legend hosted by the stuff of legend.

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