Two-Gun Bob: Famous No.1, then Leno No.1, then. . .

After I blurbed that my new eBook Famous Someday got to no.1 on the Amazon list for Kindle — sub-category horror, sub-sub-category litcrit on horror — I realized that it probably hadn’t been the actual no.1.

It was no.1 in the further sub-division, New Releases.

I was contemplating jumping online and correcting my error, but by the time I had doped out my mistake, Famous Someday leapt into the actual no.1 spot for a few hours.  I then figured, What the hell.

That was on the 12th. The next day Famous was holding at no. 2 and 3 when I checked, but then — a real What the hell moment — Brian Leno’s Lovecraft’s Southern Vacation was no.1.

A few hours later Famous was again no.1, and was no.1 when I began typing up this report.

Brian was extremely pleased to hit no.1 — on an eBook that’s been available for three years. Classic stuff, fighting its way to the top of the heap. He’s been a frequent guest blogger on this site, so if you want to sample his wares before dropping three bucks on his eBook, dive into the archives.

Leno also pointed out to me that early in the day on the 15th — today — that all four Cimmerian Press eBooks on Robert E. Howard were in the top ten. Famous was then no.2, Leno was 5, Morgan Holmes’ Enter the Barbarian was 8 and my Litcrit MegaPack on the creator of Conan was 10.

With these titles, to paraphrase Strother Martin, What we have here. . . is ability to communicate.

For some irony, certain fanboys in REH circles have been trying recently to build a narrative that my writings on Howard are all old, out-of-date — that I am no longer relevant.


Gee, I don’t feel irrelevant. Irreverent, perhaps. . . .

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