Two-Gun Bob: The Kid Dula 10-Parter Rediscovered

I regret dead links in older posts, but not enough to run around trying to find some kind of updated website to re-link to.

I figure, get it while it’s hot, and if it’s dead, it’s dead. Ubi sunt, that’s my motto.

When the Two-Gun Raconteur website went down, it dragged a ton of links to Brian Leno posts with it — Brian did most of his blogging there before he wandered over here and took over the landscape with his maniacal Autograph Hound obsessions.

One of his major postings was a ten part dive into the life and times of Texas boxer Kid Dula, one of Robert E. Howard’s faves. Anything about the Kid on this site you can access via the tag below — I’m sure my posts contain dead links to that mini-magnum opus.

Now, someone going by the handle Linefacedscrivener just announced on The Swords of Robert E. Howard forum:

“Have you ever wondered who Kid Dula was? I sure did. When I first came across Howard talking about Kid Dula, I tried to find something about him, but came up short (this was in the pre-Internet days). More recently, I came across Howard’s reference to Kid Dula, so I started looking around to find something on the web. The one thing I found was an article by Brian Leo [sic] on REH Two-Gun Raconteur. The only problem is: the website doesn’t exist anymore. However, armed with the trusty Wayback Machine, I managed to find the 10 part story that talks about Kid Dula. Go to the link below and read part one. Then at the bottom of the page, it has the links to part 2, part 3, etc. The Wayback Machine will allow you to link to these preserved pages, so you should be able to read the entire article. Enjoy!”

Out of the Shadows, Finally – Kid Dula

Yeah, if interested, check it out. And don’t forget about Brian’s TriplePunchpack on REH and boxing — it’s got some more, and more polished, dope on Dula.

And of course Kid Dula, a.k.a. “Cowboy” Dula, is going to take up a huge chunk of pages in the bigger book on REH and boxing Brian is slaving over even as we speak.

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