Two-Gun Bob: The Latest Raconteur


By the time I wake up today copies of Two-Gun Raconteur 17 ought to be moving briskly out of the Gift Shop in the Robert E. Howard House in Cross Plains, Texas — a little something extra to help kick off the latest REH Days in that burg.

And as soon as he gets home from the Howardian action, our longtime pal Damon Sasser will be processing orders, packaging and shipping the only magazine devoted to REH left standing at the moment. (By left standing, I mean that actual issues hit the mean streets, not that someone somewhere vaguely intends to do another issue someday. If you haven’t had an issue out in two or three years, I figure you’re in big trouble, if not already dead.)

You can check out the contents off the link — this is the one where my latest ruminations on Howard vs. the Academics appear, a topic I’ve been covering for around thirty years at this point, waiting for the profs to spring into action. Now that they finally are getting some material into print, it reminds me of The Story of the Talking Dog:

“This here dog talks!”

“Yeah, but everything it says is stupid.”

“But it talks!”

That’s the article I mentioned the other day where I also respond to the idea that my 1984 book The Dark Barbarian was written by all men. Worth adding to your collection for that angle alone? Perhaps.

And in addition to other stuff, our pal and occasional Guest Blogger Brian Leno (hot off his three-part review of Conan Meets the Academy — man, you could tell how painful it was for him to drudge his way through the contents of that collection — sorry, Brian!) shows up with one of his trademark boxing articles on the connections between REH, Ernest Hemingway and the ring fighter Battling Siki.

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