Two-Gun Bob: Zuvembie

Brian Leno was digging around in his stuff after telling me that no Halloween would be complete without a zombie — and who could argue that point?

Here’s Brian with another treat for the holiday:

This Scott Hampton artwork of a zombie — excuse me, zuvembie — was something a good friend picked up for me at a convention.

He saw Scott Hampton signing copies of his graphic novelization of Robert E. Howard’s great horror tale, “Pigeons from Hell.” Terrific artwork.

My pal, knowing that I had written an article on that Howard yarn — “Lovecraft’s Southern Vacation” — grabbed a copy of the book and asked Hampton if he could do something special for his friend.

Hampton told him to come back later and this is the result. Not only did he sign the book to me, but he added this very cool artwork which takes up an entire page in the volume.

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