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Rediscovered: Biography Month Once More on These Mean Streets

What ho, it is Biography Month once again on Up and Down These Mean Streets — last time I did one was July 2012. The new bio of Jim Tully was a big excuse that time, and no doubt the … Continue reading

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Hammett: A Neo-Dash Update

Got a note in from Steve Talbot, who surfed into These Mean Streets after his name was evoked during the little rumination on Naming Kids Dashiell the other day. “I can’t believe I made The Case of Dashiell Hammett 33 years … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: RIP Ed Lauter

Just heard that the prolific character actor Ed Lauter died yesterday — and RIP. He topped over 200 screen or TV credits, and I bet I have seen somewhere between a fourth and half of those, at least, many of the … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: Hammett, By Proxy

Remember when I expressed some worries about the LAVA literary salon being able to hang on in Musso & Frank? I’m not psychic, I was just reading the writing on the wall. And I read it right. (I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: The Tully Talk

On Sunday the 14th I got up in Denver at the crack-of-dawn (and anyone who knows me can tell you I hate the crack-of-dawn) and began punching the machine toward LA for the talk about Jim Tully in Musso & Frank, … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: A Rolling Freight Train of Jim Tully Events

Whoa. Falling behind again, as I get ready for another trip, that will wind its way to Denver and ultimately bring me back around to LA in time to hear the Jim Tully talk in Musso & Frank on the 15th. I’ve … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: Mrs. Parker and the Literary Circle

The LAVA Literary Salon that meets in Musso & Frank has a new meeting scheduled on Dorothy Parker and F. Scott Fitzgerald — sold out already! I missed their first meeting, on John Fante, but was in M&F only a couple … Continue reading

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Hollywood Beat: Jackson in Musso & Frank

Didn’t spot any celebrities during the recent stop in Musso & Frank (not to say that they weren’t there, but I didn’t recognise them if they were), but I knew a specific ghost from the past to check for over my shoulder. … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Zane Grey

My recent trip down to Musso & Frank and the link yesterday to my guidebook The Literary World of San Francisco remind me that I’ve been meaning to blurb the Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel on Catalina Island for awhile now. I’ve … Continue reading

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Hammett: “Afraid of a Gun”

Just got back from a run down to Musso & Frank to find that Terry Zobeck logged in with another installment of his series investigating the editorial changes made by Frederic Dannay to Hammett’s short stories — and what better … Continue reading

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