Hollywood Beat: Hammett, By Proxy

Hammett and cigarRemember when I expressed some worries about the LAVA literary salon being able to hang on in Musso & Frank?

I’m not psychic, I was just reading the writing on the wall. And I read it right. (I didn’t have any doubts, by the way — it was adios, M&F, as loud as a gunshot in an empty room.)

Fans of the LAVA talks now get to try out the Los Angeles Athletic Club as the new venue for speakers on the literary LA of yesteryear.

First talk up will be on April 27, on no less than Dashiell Hammett, with none other than Hammett’s granddaughter at the mic. If you’re lucky, Hammett’s daughter Jo also will make the scene. Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.

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