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Tour: Sunday February 22

We’ve got a Hammett tour coming up fast, where anyone can show up palming twenty bucks and walk the walk — this Sunday, January 18. Next one in line rolls up on Sunday February 22. Meets at noon, near the “L” … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Midget Bandit in Portland

I also got in a note from Warren Harris — he of the legendary Midget Bandit Week here on Up and Down These Mean Streets — who continues to delve into the life and criminal exploits of Edwin Ware. Warren … Continue reading

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Two-Gun Bob: From the Cultural Archives of PulpFest. . . .

Image above from PulpFest 2012, left to right: Rusty Burke, Don Herron, Brian Leno, Indy Cavalier. In the last two or three days Brian Leno popped in a couple of links to that panel we were on during PulpFest 2012, … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: The Sound of Fury

In a week or so Noir City is coming up once again in The Castro, with a double bill of the first couple of Thin Man films, Woman on the Run with terrific footage of period San Francisco streets, and lots … Continue reading

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Hammett: “Crooked Souls”

Terry Zobeck is back with another entry in Zobeck: Series Two, in which he details the differences in Hammett texts from those used in the Ellery Queen editions assembled by Frederic Dannay vs. the original magazine wording — the extensive set … Continue reading

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Hammett: “The Gatewood Thing” Caper

Today is the 54th anniversary of the death of Dashiell Hammett — and starts us toward the five year marker for this blog (although the website itself kicked off in late 2000 — hey, a fifteen year anniversary!). As a mini-memorial, how about a … Continue reading

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Smackdown: The Trusty Index vs. the “Fully Tooled” eBook!

Besides me and publisher Leo Grin, the only guy who even suspected there was a Big Secret Project underway in the last months of 2014 was John Haefele, and that’s only because I kept teasing him with little morsels of information and really vague hints — … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: The Morgman Blogs Again!

My Howardian pal of many years, Morgan “The Morgman” Holmes has picked up a new blogging gig — he’s holding down the new-post-every-Sunday position for Castalia House. Covering sf and fantasy, the same material — or around the edges of the … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: When I Wasn’t Paying Any Attention Whatsoever, “Hoke” Bit the Dust

Surfing around the net a few days ago, I noticed a blurb for some new TV pilot that included Paul Giamatti in the cast. I wondered, Does this mean that the “Hoke” series for FX never got a pickup? Easy … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Another Round in the Posthumous Fame Ring for Jim Tully

Up and Down These Mean Streets favorite Jim Tully gets another chance to climb up off the mat and be a contenda — a public radio deal from last November with an illo-filled article. He’s not going to be counted … Continue reading

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