891 Post: Threatened by Fire — Again

Post under fire

The title on the email just received from Mark Murphy, a current inhabitant of 891 Post:

Major Fire at 642 Hyde almost spreads to 891 Post

On the car radio around midnight I heard about a fire near the corner of Post and Hyde, but figured, Naw, the Hammett/Sam Spade building can’t be that unlucky. We had the Buddhist temple fire on the top floor a few years ago, and before that the building right across Hyde Street blew up, but another one. . .?

Mark tells me, “Came home about 11:00 last night, and half an hour later I hear loud crashing noise outside my back windows. I look out the window and there are major flames licking out one of the windows in the 642 Hyde building behind me.

“I can literally feel the heat and some of the flames are just inches away from my window. Had to evacuate the entire building for about an hour.

“Fortunately Sam’s place escaped any damage, far as I can tell, and they let us all back in about an hour later.

“Will the drama never cease?”

If you stand facing the front of the building — as in the shot above — you can see Sam’s Place top floor right. Mark is on the same floor but in the rear, kitty corner. The fire equipment is dodging around 891 to get at the flames raging in the building in back.

Close one. Always a close one.

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