891 Post: The Scorched Face


And today Mark Murphy pops in a photo showing off exactly how close the fire came to his windows — top floor, at right — leaving scorch marks on the south face of 891 Post. I think you’ll be able to distinguish them in this shot.

If not, I’m willing to take Mark’s word for it, and I did hear reports on the radio as the incident was taking place. And how often, if ever, do you get a gander at the south side of 891?

Otherwise, the news didn’t make much of a splash, because of the much larger fire earlier that evening at 22nd Street and Mission — and earlier that same evening the dismembered apparently headless body found in the suitcase on a sidewalk on 11th Street off Mission. No one else seems to have noticed that a major American literary landmark was in danger, but I guess we’ve got our thumb on the cultural pulse, and they don’t.

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