Death Lit: A Couple of Westlakes

— but both Westlakes are in the same book.

Just like I did almost exactly a year ago, I got to review a repackaging of a Donald E. Westlake — originally titled Enough, back in 1977.

If interested in that sort of thing, surf over and check out the blurbage. Looks as if my wording made it through editorial very much intact. Someone else, however, added the last sentence. Doesn’t hurt anything.

And I’d agree the short novel that leads off the book is kind of a perfect intro to Westlake. Cooking on all the crime/mystery angles. Funny, with that hard-edge of brutality you don’t want to hit your head against.

Plus, if you give it a glance, you can look for the reference to Willeford I slipped in, to mark my territory.

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