Hammett: More Zobeck v. Otto

Terry Zobeck popped in a micro review related to the sale of Otto Penzler’s mystery library a few months ago, which sucked all the oxygen out of the room for awhile.

The word, from Terry:

My copy of Otto Penzler’s Mysterious Obsession arrived in the mail today. 

His reminiscences of the high points of his collection — how he came to obtain them and their importance to his collection — now all auctioned off. 

Three of Hammett’s books make it, more than anyone else (Chandler and Anna Katharine Green each get two). 

He writes about his copies of Red Harvest, The Maltese Falcon and $106,000 Blood Money, the latter inscribed by Hammett to Lillian Hellman, the only Hammett book inscribed thus that Penzler ever saw.

A really fine little book limited to 250 copies.

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