Death Lit: Is It Noir or Is It Dark?

Had another review pop to life.

If you want to surf over and give it the old gander, feel free.

I figure this one, more or less, is maybe 80% of what I sent in/intended.

The intro by Lawrence Block, which I didn’t even try to get into in the restricted word count of the review, is pretty weird. Starts off talking about I Love Lucy and meanders over into blurbing the Akashic Press City Noir series (which Block has contributed to, of course), along the way maybe trying to draw (it’s hard to tell) a fine (very fine) distinction between lit that is noir and lit that is dark. Yeah, you know, one is noir and the other one is, I guess, dark.

Bits cut: I gave the James Reasoner story a one line blurb (“The prolific James Reasoner provides a Western novel in miniature with ‘Night Rounds.’”), but that’s easy to cut if you’re fitting it all into a certain word count. I was surprised that my ref to Joyce Carol Oates hit the cutting room floor. I figured she’d be a name to conjure with. . . .

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