Hammett: A Paperback for Lillian Hellman

Apparently a large chunk out of Otto Penzler’s personal collection is going on the block over the next year or two. I know this news because A) it is public information, no black cats out of the bag or anything, and B) mostly because Evan Lewis has been going nuts blogging about this group of titles or that. He wants them all and can afford none. I can sympathize.

Still, one can look them over and drool for awhile, I suppose.

Evan started off with the first edition Race Williams novels, then did some Hammett, some Chandler, some first edition Sherlock Holmes — plus complete runs of the Sherlock books as they appeared earlier in The Strand magazine. . . .

Then some more Hammett. . . .

Could link to each and every one, or just to the auction house, but how about the Hammett set with an inscription to Lillian Hellman in a paperback, plus the rest of the Dannay edits , a couple of letters to Pru Whitfield.

Evan will tell you about the auction house.

(And remember what I once said about the issue of Hellman and paperbacks — don’t think this news undoes any of that theorizing. Plus, Evan seems woefully unaware of all the work we’ve been doing here in re: the Hammett anthology Creeps by Night.)

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