Frisco Beat: A Slice of Life 1979-90

Our man on the street, Nathan Ward — keeping his eye on the New York scene — sends along his latest find:

“I liked this evocation of San Francisco from 79-90 by the novelist Rachel Kushner in the current New Yorker (‘The Hard Crowd,’ Jan 18.). I didn’t see a lot of these old bars, but I imagine they might strike a chord with you. A nice appreciation of the old Greyhound station and proper dislike of hippies.”

Covers some of the same Tenderloin turf gumshoed by the Hammett Tour during those years, if you want to take Nathan’s word for it and browse through. Kushner is kind of interesting, since she had a Willeford cameo in her novel The Mars Room.

(And Nathan, if you don’t know, authored The Lost Detective, a biography of Hammett.)

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