Frisco Beat: “Burrito” Alley

A couple of Wednesdays back I noticed that someone had changed the lettering on Burritt alley to make “Burritt” into “Burrito” — but last night saw that the name had been returned to Burritt and all is well with the world. For the moment.

I wonder if the guy who switched it around was the same guy polishing up the actual plaque, highlighting the gold faces on the letters. I saw him up on a ladder with a brush, busily brushing away, that Wednesday. . . .

I usually mention on the tour that the “Burrito bandit” has been around for well over a decade. I assume more than one prankster is behind the occasional switcheroo. I knew the guy who claimed to be in back of it some years ago, but have no idea if he’s even in Frisco any more. He seemed to think of himself as a “culture jammer,” but you’d think if he had half a brain he’d select some other slice of culture to deface than the Mecca of Meta-Murder, the deadend alley where Miles Archer, partner of Sam Spade, came to an abrupt interruption in breathing in The Maltese Falcon.

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