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Frisco Beat: “Burrito” Alley

A couple of Wednesdays back I noticed that someone had changed the lettering on Burritt alley to make “Burritt” into “Burrito” — but last night saw that the name had been returned to Burritt and all is well with the … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: In Hilly Alabam

When last seen here on Up and Down These Mean Streets, Hollywood tour guide Charlie Morfin supplied us with a shot of the Dashiell Hammett Street sign when they got the spelling wrong — white hot news back in 2011, kicked … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday July 20

I’m handling most of the demand for walks caused by the recent New York Times article by arranging groups by appointment during the week, but at least one out-of-towner asked for one on a Sunday — which I figure ought … Continue reading

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Tour: Yeah, Every Sunday in September

Another September is on us, with a Hammett Tour set for each and every Sunday — yes, even Sunday September 2nd in the middle of the Labor Day Weekend. You want to walk the walk, then show up by noon, and be … Continue reading

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Tour: Two More in May

Only two more Sundays left in May, two more chances to put your gumshoes on the mean streets before I jump over to other things in the month of June, and maybe July, as well. . . . For the … Continue reading

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Tour: Guest Stars

And on that tour by appointment for April 19 I was talking about, Charlie Morfin and Carrie-Anne of the Black Dahlia walks in Hollywood were up to check out the Frisco scene, get some tips about leading tours for film … Continue reading

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Tour: March and April Walks

Ask at least a month in advance and there’s a fighting chance you will receive — attend the tour on Sunday March 13th or the walk on Sunday April 3rd and check it out with the folk who gave me enough lead … Continue reading

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