Frisco Beat: Doggie Diner Heads Defying Entropy!

Dog Heads

What do you know, but they’ve got a Kickstarter campaign going to restore the roving pack of Doggie Diner heads to refurbished glory — just like they did for the Doggie out near the entrance to the Zoo several years ago.

As I’ve mentioned at least once, I was custodian for the collection in the early days, when John Law first realized his dream of having his own Dog Head. Of course, being John Law, he couldn’t leave the iconic mutts holed away in some hideout, but had to take them out to delight the world. Again and again. Hundreds of appearances. . . .

John first fixated on the Heads in the era of the Suicide Club, but came into the collection, one by one, during the early days of The Cacophony Society — they get a lot of coverage in the new book on that counter culture group. In fact, the last time I saw the Heads show up on the scene was during the Commonwealth Club event for the book in the Castro Theatre late last year, where Chuck Palahniuk (of Fight Club fame, who was a member in good standing of the Portland branch of Cacophony) took the stage with John and others involved in the project.

Pretty much everybody delights in the Dogs, from Zippy the Pinhead on up. And donations start at a meagre 2 bucks.

I can imagine Sam Spade tossing in a sawbuck, just for the hell of it.

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