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Sinister Cinema: Top 25

Yesterday I hit another meeting of the Second Sunday Fanzine Fans of Yesteryear, where Bruce Townley happened to mention his ten favorite movies. To paraphrase myself, I said something like, Man, that’s not enough, and told them about the time … Continue reading

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Suicide Club: Roscoe Arbuckle Kidnapped Caper

On a rotting wharf over the Islais Creek channel, a climactic gundown gets a reenactment — left to right, R. Faraday Nelson as Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (but I’m thinking Ray’s major claim to immortality probably is serving as the model for Roy Batty … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Xmas Noir

Got a note from the Jersey Noir photog Mark Krajnak — he appreciated my comparison of his cover for the new Race Williams omnibus to Alan Ladd, somehow summoning that sort of evocative iconography. That’s what happens with art, if you … Continue reading

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Tombstone: Phil Geauque

Image above: another shot from the Mechanics’ signing, Nathan Ward inscribing a copy of his Hammett bio while I look on; standing to left, Vince Emery in blue, John Law — of The Suicide Club, Cacophony Society, primal Burning Man, … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Doggie Diner Heads Defying Entropy!

What do you know, but they’ve got a Kickstarter campaign going to restore the roving pack of Doggie Diner heads to refurbished glory — just like they did for the Doggie out near the entrance to the Zoo several years … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: John Stanley on Cheese Theatre

— and you can read the rest of the description of the most recent book from the long time host of Creature Features on John Stanley’s website, check out what else he’s been up to lately. Among other things I’ve done in the … Continue reading

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Death Lit: Drinking with Ace

Ace Atkins was parachuted into town by his publisher for a signing last night, and even though he had a 6 a.m. plane to catch today of course he went out drinking with me and Vince Emery and one of … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: You Can’t Win

Out of the legions of neglected books from all the books that have come and gone in all the world, very few return to any kind of currency. Once the book slips out of print, or the generation of readers that made it … Continue reading

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News: March 2009

NIX THE 540 CLUB Just a quick note to those who had planned on attending Don’s official launch of the Dashiell Hammett Tour book at the 540 Club — the venue and date have been changed. It’s now at Green … Continue reading

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News: June 2008

OUR WEB HOST HITS THE BIG 13 While the average guy on the street may not think of Don and the Hammett Tour as part of the on-going cool San Francisco underground scene, Don does — the walk has its … Continue reading

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