Frisco Beat: Lit World of San Francisco Now Podcasted

If you missed the live transmission of my interview on a month ago, it is now in an archive and ready to be listened to.

One minute short of two hours, most of the chatter concerns my book The Literary World of San Francisco. I thought to check the page on Amazon yesterday and found that it was number 2 on the list of bestselling travel books about San Francisco.

At this moment it is no. 5.

Since it has been out of print for twenty years, I am always amazed that enough secondhand copies circulate to keep it popping back up toward the top of the heap.

At any rate, the interview covers angles no other radio interview ever has or probably ever would, real on the street stuff. And even so, almost half the time is spent on blocks of music — I got to pick two of those, and rounded up a selection from my blues music pal R. J. Mischo, and faded the time out with a barnburner from Beau Jocque.

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