Hammett: Nivens Discovers Zobeck

Surf over to Mystery File and check out the new post where Mike Nevins discovers that Terry Zobeck has been pure texting the hell out of the Fred Dannay edits on Hammett here for a few years now. Nevins was given the tipoff by something titled The Digest Enthusiast, where Terry apparently got quoted in a recent article.

I’m glad to see Terry’s good work is gaining notice — but he’s got a lot of pure text posts sitting in the archives, you’re not going to get through them in five minutes.

If you want the full experience, I suggest hitting Terry’s name in the Tag Cloud and working your way up from his earliest mention. Won’t be long before you get to his epic wrestling match with Dannay and his blue pencil.

But of course we have mentioned Nevins and his speculations on the Dannay edits here before — as early as 2011. And I liked the bit Nevins did on “Arson Plus,” which I linked to in 2012.

Relatively few people get into the deep text stuff, so it’s nice to see them assemble. Mr. Nevins finally has met the rough and tumble Tenderloin Terry Zobeck, pure text maven of These Mean Streets.

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