Frisco Beat: The Mystery of the Missing Logo

Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to mention something I noticed toward the beginning of the September tours:

They’ve had the Spade and Archer logo removed from the window of the Hotel Union Square, but so far haven’t had it replaced with Samuel Spade or something else (which would be cool, do that every month or two, in memoriam poor Miles Archer getting bumped off in Burritt alley).

You can catch an inside glimpse of the logo in this post about the so-called Dashiell Hammett suite — and apparently the suite itself is still in action. Jo Hammett, in town for the charity deal involving the Maltese Eagle née Golden Eagle, told me that she heard from the hotel staff that a couple from Australia tried to book the Hammett suite for that weekend, only to be told that Hammett’s granddaughter had it occupied those days. The Ozzies were suitably impressed.

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