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Frisco Beat: The Mystery of the Missing Logo

Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to mention something I noticed toward the beginning of the September tours: They’ve had the Spade and Archer logo removed from the window of the Hotel Union Square, but so far haven’t had it replaced with … Continue reading

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Tour: Living Near Hammett

One of the walkers who showed up on September 16 and got in on The Maltese Eagle Caper was a guy named Michael — e-yclept Mjsoltys — who e’ed in advance to check about the date and mentioned: “I lived … Continue reading

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Tour: The Maltese Eagle Caper

When I say that the usual Sunday Hammett Tour takes four hours, trust me, I’m not kidding. Four solid hours with one brief break in the middle, and if people ask a lot of questions, make that four hours and … Continue reading

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