Hammett: A Neo-Dash Update

Got a note in from Steve Talbot, who surfed into These Mean Streets after his name was evoked during the little rumination on Naming Kids Dashiell the other day.

“I can’t believe I made The Case of Dashiell Hammett 33 years ago!” Steve said.

His son Dashiell — Dash — “is now 35” and a lawyer in LA. “Back in 1980 when he was born in San Francisco,” Steve says, “I think he was the first kid I knew to be named Dashiell — in honor, of course, of Samuel D. Hammett.”

Steve remembers wheeling “a two-year-old Dash around town with you on one of your Hammett Walking Tours. Now on my visits to LA, I push Dash’s son (my first grandson) around Hollywood.”

I told Steve that I think he should take the next generation of Talbots into the great Musso and Frank at the earliest opportunity, if he hasn’t done so already. I can’t imagine that Steve’s dad Lyle Talbot didn’t make the Musso and Frank scene in his day. Might even be a good topic for Steve, who continues to do documentary work for PBS.

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