Hammett: And Fechheimer

Got a note in from Nathan Ward commenting on the death of P.I. David Fechheimer

“Here is my Hammett-related obit that was picked up in Crimereads.

“Just repaying a debt.

“Too bad that guy never wrote his book.

“I had the same feeling Terry did that the Times obit missed the Hammettish core of Fechheimer’s contribution.

“Also, I don’t put too much stock in those old Esquire quotes. David said he was not converted in one night by reading Falcon to run to the phone in the morning and call the Pinks, but writers loved the romantic story, so it passed on from profile to profile down the years.

“As for Spade sleeping with his client, I have always assumed he did it partly to get her key from her and check her room.

“A job-related sacrifice.”    

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