Hammett: Jeopardy! Watch

They haven’t been dropping Hammett clews on Jeopardy! recently, although I did notice another Lovecraft item with a mention of Cthulhu — could old HPL be easing out Hammett as the show’s new go-to pulp-era writer?

Nathan Ward has been holding down a stakeout, too, and notes: “I have kept track of Jeopardy! and I don’t believe the super competitor has been challenged yet on his Hammett knowledge.”

At the moment a guy now nicknamed “Jeopardy James” is having a record-breaking run and has knocked over a million-plus in winnings.

Nathan says, “Maybe that will be his undoing” and suggests this clew:

This portly sleuth worried about going blood simple.

Yeah, that could stop your typical Jeopardy! contestant like a dum-dum through the pump. 

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