Hammett: Jeopardy! Strikes Back!

After a furious release, one after another, over years, Hammett clews suddenly became scarce on Jeopardy! with the passing of the great Alex Trebek.

I was thinking maybe the clew guy who liked to mine Hammett had left the staff — who knows? But they did sneak in one about this time last year, and perhaps in what might be a new annual tradition just popped another one onto the screen.

On October 3 (S39 E16) the category “Chapter” in the Jeopardy! round offered this $1000 clew:

“Chapter 1: ‘Spade & Archer'”

Contestant Scott buzzed in with “What is The Maltese Falcon?”

Correct, of course, but Scott didn’t surge to victory.

I’ll keep an eye to the pavement, but under the new regime might miss a few, if they do any more.

Jeopardy! seems to be expanding with each new week. Celebrity Jeopardy! on weekends. Jeopardy! Second Chance for contestants who almost made it but were up against all-time champ types.

I can see them adding more to the universe.

NCIS: Jeopardy!

Law and Order Jeopardy!: Sports Questions Unit.

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