Posse McMillan: Kent Harrington and the Third Degree

Our buddy Kent Harrington from the old Posse McMillan days — and up to today — fields some snoopy queries in his latest interview over on the Noir Con site.

He mentions Dennis McMillan and the days of yesteryear, plus a lot of other stuff — but I think my fave moment comes when the talk jumps over to the review Publishers Weekly gave Kent’s recent San Francisco crime novel Last Seen.

The reviewer didn’t like it, and found the idea that a sex worker might be recruited by the CIA (and like agencies) beyond the pale.

Maybe it’s just me, living in California all these years, but did this person not hear about Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif) hitting the sheets with Fang Fang the Chinese spy? Like something out of James Bond, but real enough.

The Swalwell thing was pretty funny, although I must say my absolute favorite such incident (that I’ve heard about so far, at least) was Senator DiFi having a Chinese spy as her personal chauffeur for years. Years.

Kent could conjure up the most wildass bit of political intrigue he might think of and it wouldn’t come close to the day-to-day here in our turf.

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