Hollywood Beat: 7741 Hollywood Blvd

Before the money from The Getaway allowed them to move closer to Musso & Frank, Jim Thompson and his family lived a little less than a mile away from the front doors, on the same street — far enough out to be in West Hollywood.

If Thompson was doing any drinking in M&F at this point, he could easily have hopped a bus back and forth — and the question comes to mind, If he was already familiar with M&F, did he use the loot from the Peckinpah film to allow him to move to Whitley, within easy walking distance? Or was it mere coincidence?

Of the residences in and around Hollywood, this is the one Thompson’s daughter didn’t like, remembering it as a dumpy little place — with the places on Whitley more upscale. That was almost forty years ago, though, and today the place and the neighborhood look nice enough. I was kind of hoping for one run-down shanty sort of place to evoke primo Thompson, but you don’t get anything like that with his Hollywood addresses.

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