Hollywood Beat: Mrs. Parker and the Literary Circle

The LAVA Literary Salon that meets in Musso & Frank has a new meeting scheduled on Dorothy Parker and F. Scott Fitzgerald — sold out already!

I missed their first meeting, on John Fante, but was in M&F only a couple of days before the one for Raymond Chandler — if I’d known I’d have tried to juggle my schedule better so I could have stayed in Hollywood for that one, if I could have grabbed a barstool. . . .

I understand the next one, in October, will be about none other than Jim Tully, and I’m going to make an effort to attend that salon, come hell or high water — and hoping it doesn’t sell out from under me.

A jones for Tully is sweeping over me again. Part of the reason I am hitting PulpFest this year is an excuse to see Tully sites in St. Marys, Ohio, where he grew up — if I’m going all the way to Ohio, I might as well make the most of the trip.

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