Rediscovered: At NoirCon (2012)

At least I presume the image above connects to NoirCon. That’s how I read the clews.

I only attended the very first NoirCon, in 2008, where I was amazed that for the Charles Willeford “panel” they had some academic talking on and on (I don’t remember a single trenchant thing he said) while they had as attendees both me and Guest of Honor Dennis McMillan, and both of us actually knew Willeford. What a fucking stupid waste of time, and resources. But, hey, if that’s what the crowd demanded. . . , jeez, what a dumb crowd.

Kent Harrington must have been poking around in his files and felt like sharing. I bumped into him at the Noir Festival in the Castro when The Rat Machine was new — Kent has emerged as the member of Posse McMillan I most frequently encounter in recent years.

I’ll doubtless see him again soon, in connection with his latest San Francisco crime novel, Last Seen, due out in early May. He’s having a couple of Zoom events to promote it, but I’ll grab my copy in person.

Sequel to Last Ferry Home, Last Seen is your typical kind of wild Kent extravaganza. One angle that struck me reading an advance proof was that Kent took the character that I remember as the most average (and so kind of boring) from the first book and went berserk with a new backstory.

Who knows what will happen if he makes the narrative into a trilogy?

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