Rediscovered: At the Earth’s Core

News that a deluxe signed artist’s edition of At the Earth’s Core is coming up spurred Brian Leno to dig out some apt John Hancockery from his bulging files for Autograph Hound Saturday.

Here’s Brian from the signature vaults:

I have two Tandem paperbacks advertising the movie version of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ At the Earth’s Core.

One is signed by Caroline Munro, one of the most beautiful women to ever work for Hammer.

The second is signed by Doug McClure. Twice.

His signature on the cover is pretty tough to make out. He must have realized this, so he then signed inside, much more clearly.

Nice books, but there’s something much grander than these slim paperbacks in store for the Burroughs fan.

I learned a new, deluxe edition of At the Earth’s Core soon hits the newsstand, with
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. giving it the collectible treatment they’ve provided for many other Burroughs classics. 

A while back I posted about their Burroughs Bibliography — not only a stunning example of book design, but deep research as well.

Their new book looks to be something to give a Tarzan Yell about also. William Stout and Thomas Yeates, two artists who have been featured in the Mean Streets, will be signing it, and so will others.

I have seldom met a signed book I didn’t like and so I’m looking forward to adding yet one more volume to the Leno Horde.

Get on board. Don’t be standing empty-handed at the station when Abner Perry and David Innes take off in the “steel cylinder” and travel once more to Pellucidar.

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