Rediscovered: Wetjen Returns

I’d almost suspect that Brian Leno has gone all lazy on me, since he hasn’t popped in a new post in over a month — my god, does he expect me to handle all the Mean Streets action by myself?

Today he brings up a writer — and sailor — last touched upon here back on January 25, 2011.

Here’s Brian:

This is a cool book I got yesterday.

Signed by Adventure author Albert Richard Wetjen.

He’s the guy that wrote Way For a Sailor, which was made into the movie of the same name featuring Jim Tully and John Gilbert.

Also famous for his Shark Gotch series in Action Stories.

Another cool thing about the book is it’s inscribed to noted book collector Frederick W. Skiff, and includes his W. F. Hopson-designed bookplate.

Got it cheap, which makes it all the sweeter.

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