Rediscovered: Batgirl at $11,850 Off

Got a note in from Brian Leno immediately after he read Tom Krabacher’s report on the Windy City pulp convention, where the issue of Weird Tales with Margaret Brundage’s “Batgirl” cover went at auction for $11,000 plus 10% buyer’s premium.

“Just read Krabacher’s report,” Brian said, “and it made me wish I had been there with a fistful of cash.

“I was amazed at the price for the Weird Tales batgirl.

“Like Krabacher I don’t find the cover that remarkable — in fact, I’m really not a big Brundage fan.”

But it reminded him of an incident during one of his last years dealing cards in a lowlife gambling den, an authentic noir occupation.

“About 5 years ago I was sitting at work on a slow night with my Kindle and I saw that Weird Tales issue offered for $250.

“I snatched it up immediately.

“All those years of shuffling cards gave me fast fingers.”

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