Rediscovered: C. L. Moore

For this Autograph Hound Saturday the noted book and pulp collector Kevin Cook has chosen to spotlight C. L. Moore, who died on this date in 1987. His half-shelf of Moore hardcover titles appears above courtesy the intrepid Victoria Cook once again braving the labyrinth that is her husband’s library, camera in hand.

Moore co-wrote with her husband Henry Kuttner for 18 years, so some Moore contains some Kuttner, and vice versa — and they often used the pseudonym Lewis Padgett.

Here’s Kevin:

I met Catherine Lucille Moore at the Second World Fantasy Convention in New York City in 1976, where she shared Guest of Honor accolades with Michael Moorcock. After her speech a long signing line formed.

Doomsday Morning might seem an odd title to choose for an autograph, but I had just read it shortly before the convention and my copy of the brilliant collection Judgment Night had come with a signature already in it. Presto, instant choice!

The most interesting part of standing in the line and listening to Ms. Moore speak was that she explained how to pronounce Jirel.

I have never mastered writing phonetically, so anyone who wants to know should just approach me a convention sometime and ask. 

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