Rediscovered: Lambasted

If you want to surf over and check it out, I just had another review of a Cool and Lam novel pop to life. Roughly 80% accurate to what I turned in, so it passes my test for a personal link — and it passes the absolute acid test for my by-no-means-exhaustive writings on gumshoe Donald Lam, which involves describing how he gets beaten up.

Man, does the little guy eat the knuckle sandwiches.

A previous review had one of my favorite mini-blurbs on getting lambasted with flying fists. And I just realized that I covered all but one of the reissues by Hard Case Crime — on the back copy of the latest they call it “a fitting conclusion to Hard Case Crime’s revival of this classic (and long unavailable) detective series.”

They’ve done five and there are thirty total — kind of a Donald Lam-sized sampling, isn’t it?

First one they released was a “lost” title, unpublished until that moment. Then they reprinted the novel that actually got published as the first in the series, back in the day.

And another one that didn’t come under my inspection.

I just read a Perry Mason, and the Cool and Lams are much more fun.

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