Rediscovered: Charlie Siringo, Range Op

If you’re curious, you can read at least the opening of a new article posted today for Westworld out of Denver on the famous or infamous range detective Charlie Siringo — researched and written by none other than our pal Nathan Ward, who last made a big splash across this blog with his Hammett bio The Lost Detective.

Siringo got into legal dustups with the Pinkerton’s agency over writing about his exploits, and Nathan tells me, “I still think Charlie’s legal problems with publishing his Pinkerton memoirs encouraged Hammett to create a fictional agency for his own work.”

All these guys out there, thinking deep thoughts on Hammett topics. . . .

Nathan is poking around on a paperback edition of the bio, to include a few corrections. And he adds, “Good to hear from Terry that I was right about something.” That’s in reference to Terry Zobeck nitpicking a few bibliographic details in his review here, but just the other day giving Nathan the credit line for uncovering an otherwise “lost” review column from the author of The Maltese Falcon.

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