Hammett: In the Clew-Pile for 2018

Didn’t notice any Hammett clewing for the new season of Jeopardy! that kicked in toward the end of last year — though I did notice they had an entire category devoted to PKD recently. Man, Hammett and/or Hammett and the Black Mask writers deserve a whole row, too.

But at least they got him in early this year, we’ll see about how often as we roll along.

On January 2 in the first Jeopardy! round, in the category Short Stories:

Dashiell Hammett also wrote stories about this detective, including “Too Many Have Lived”

The first contestant to buzz in guessed “Who is Nick Charles?”

Nope. Wrong!

(No Nick Charles short stories, sucker.)

Another guy buzzed in.

“Who is Sam Spade?”


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