Rediscovered: CrimeReads Discovers Willeford

Nathan Ward just alerted me to the news that today CrimeReads put up an article on the late, great Charles Willeford. A little something for Willeford’s centennial year.

Not a bad introduction for people who don’t know Willeford (which is to say people who haven’t read my book Willeford).

The guy doesn’t seem to know that Dennis McMillan is the publisher who moved to the Miami area largely to hang around with Willeford, but then maybe he didn’t want to go too deep into the background. It’s hard enough  trying to sketch in Willeford without dragging an equally outrageous figure like DMac into the story.

And of course it features the occasional puzzling statement of “facts,” such as: “When Betsy Willeford met her future husband, he was twice divorced” — really, he thinks Willeford had divorced his second wife before he met Betsy? Jeez.

But if you need a quick intro, surf on over.

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